In depth Developer Audit

Made for Windev developers, this audit helps identify potential security vulnerabilities in the application and its protections.
Indeed, an insufficiently protected Windev application may allow, in some cases:
- Viewing of the project initialization source code
- Discovering the HFSQL files passwords
- Getting the parameters of the internal functions
- Viewing the HFSQL file contents
Since version 12, the Windev framework includes a basic anti-debug, which in many cases can be easily circumvented.
Thus, it is possible to use a debugger during the execution of the program to see sensitive information (strings, passwords...) as and when they are used.
To identify these potential problems we are doing a thorough audit of a standard distribution of the application by extracting of the executable itself during its use any information that may facilitate unauthorized access to the application.
For that we are checking:
- Any information easily accessible in the code itself
- The application security with respect to sensitive internal functions (those related to passwords, encryption, FTP access...)
- The strength of the key generation algorithm
- The intrinsic security of HFSQL files and analysis
We will provide a full report (Word or pdf format):
- Giving the results of these tests
- Highlighting the potential risk of hacking
- Proposing solutions to improve data security
  The cost and amount of work for such an audit depends on the size of the application we will check. Starting at 500€ for a small application up to 1,000€ for a big one integrating many components (internal or external).

Please contact us for a quote. You will need to provide us, by any means of your choice, with the executable, any external component or better yet, the real distribution package of your application.

We will send you back a quote that you'll need to sign and return as your order.
The estimated completion time will be communicated at the same time.
  Once the order and all the necessary files are received, we will launch the audit as soon as possible.
  Obviously the information communicated or obtained during this audit will in no case be disclosed to third parties without your permission.
Your order will automatically bind us regarding this contractual agreement.