Services capitalizes on its experience in Windev developments, Windev applications security, scientific calculations and algorithmic to offer its specialized security audits:

User Audit
We audit the WinDev application you are using to verify if sensitive data you entrust to these application are susceptible to hacking.

From the application executable and associated files (or a non-confidential smaller version of them), we realize in a few days a full report allowing you to identify security vulnerabilities in your application.

Recommendations for improving the security will be offered. Either you can implement them directly or you will have to suggest to your developer to include them in his application.

Basic developer audit
Testing the protections included in an application (validation keys, passwords, sensitive files content...) is always difficult when you are the developer.

We can test a standard distribution of the application (executable, dll, files, etc.) and in a few hours determine the potential risk of piracy.

If the application is insufficiently protected we can extract in some cases validation key, passwords, the contents of sensitive files... to show you the potential security flaws.

Advices on how to improve the security of your application are also provided.

Of course, this low cost service is provided only after
we get proof you are the owner of the application.


In depth developer Audit
Made for WinDev Developers, this audit test your WinDev application to identify it's security flaws.

We will use your executable to realize in a few days a comprehensive report highlighting all information likely to facilitate the implementation of unauthorized access to sensitive data.

A detailed description of security flaws is provided.
Advices on improving security are then given.

We can also help you with:
Personalized Assistance and Integration
- Help in the integration of one of our standard protections.
  For this, we can work from all or part of your application sources, transmitted by zip, or accessible via a SCM.
To ensure the confidentiality of your sources, we can also simply take control of your machine and work under your responsibility with your Windev licenses.
- Realize custom protection systems for your Windev applications
- Develop the entirety or parts of scientific computing applications
  Starting from your specifications and requirement list or from a description of ht problem and objectives, we will create the appropriate equations, the corresponding coding (in Fortran or C), the resolution and optimization using a proven mathematical library (IMSL) and the interfacing with Windev.
- Realize the WinDev user interface for your legacy applications in C or Fortran.
- Migrate your old Windev applications (WD4.1, WD5.5)

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