Developer Tools Windev


ViewENV is a tool developed with Windev 12 to view / repair
some environment variables of a Windev project.

If like me you have been confronted with unwanted breakpoints
in the debugger, or messages like 

when browsing the "Marks" inserted in the code editor.
So ViewEnv will allow you to repair these defects of the editor, existing since Windev 7 and still present in Windev 14, 15 and 16.

En savoir plus ...


WdOpen is a utility developed with Windev 16 to open a project Windev, Webdev or Windev Mobile with the version that created it.

To use it :
 - Download the file ""
 - Unzip in "C: \ Program Files" or equivalent
 - Associate the extension ".wdp" to WdOpen.exe,
   for example using "Open With" from the right-click the extension .wdp
   or "Default Programs> Set Associations" in the Control Panel
   and associate "WdOpen.exe" for extension ".wdp"
 - Associating, in the same way, the extensions ".WWP" and ".wpp" to WdOpen.exe
   respectively for "Webdev" and "Windev Mobile", if necessary

WdOpen allows the opening of projects with all versions Windev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile installed.

  Maj : 09/01/2012