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Anti-debug protection component for Windev® applications

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Author : Francis MOREL

Révision 4.01A dated 05.04.2017


SoftProtect-AntiDebug is the Windev component primarily intended to secure your applications and sensitive data.

With a debugger or a specialized tool available as free download on the web (eg HFPRT), it is very easy to intercept all functions of the Windev dll and to view all of their parameters.
Although improvements have been made in Windev® in the launcher (the .exe), it is still very easy to visualize the assembly code of Windev® applications.
Especially, with such tools, all passwords, encryption strings and more generally all the characters strings of the application can be viewed very easily.
To avoid this it is essential to use debuggers blocking tool.


SoftProtect-AntiDebug is the anti-debug Windev component for your applications.


Included and activated in an application Windev®, SoftProtect-AntiDebug detects the presence of debuggers (or considered as such) and thus prevents the curious or malicious users, view sensitive information in your application or your files (internal passwords , encrypted data, protected files ...)


The integration in a Windev® application is rendered very easy by the internal setting, a simple copy and paste of generated code into your application provides protection, without writing a single line of code.

As a result and because of its availability to Windev® 11 and following, SoftProtect-AntiDebug is already used by over 100 applications.

To further improve the protection of your applications, it also includes a password generator that lets you create for your files and encryption, dynamic application and/or machine specific strings.
This detection can be activated on demand by calling a specific function (before a sensitive operation for example) or made automatic by using a timed loop.


SoftProtect-AntiDebug is designed to prevent the joint use of a protected application and current debugging tools available in Windows.

Its architecture also restricts the available information in memory when using a debugger AFTER the use of the protected application.

It is written to consume only limited CPU - the use of the component functions typically lasts less than 400 ms (1.7GHz processor) for maximum protection, or 35 ms for standard protection.


SoftProtect-AntiDebug required, by its complexity, many hours of development and focus.
To date, intrusion tests, performed by the debug-piracy experts have not been able to crack this anti-debug protection.


Like any protection, SoftProtect-AntiDebug however, is not inviolable.

Therefore, to minimize the risk of piracy for your sensitive data, it is strongly recommended to use together :
- the highest level during the use of sensitive functions,
- the automatic protection loop, continually testing the potential vulnerability of the application,
- the internal functions for generating dynamic passwords and
- a deliberately complex code (for sensitive part)(avoid the simple "IF" statements, the "SWITCH"... Prefer instead the comparison intervals, the "IF _AND_ " and even here the "GOTO" rarely used most of the time)

Activating the self-test loop provides an additional security by preventing (or limiting) the presence of debuggers between the programmed control phases.


Dynamic Passwords can be either specific to the application, the user or the server on which the application is running...

With this last choice, a database file and the associated application can be copied to another server, but are rendered unusable by the dynamic passwords.

The only risk of piracy remaining will be linked to the robustness of the database internal encryption tools.

Terms of use

SoftProtect-AntiDebug  is provided as-is. In all circumstances, it remains the property of the author.

It can be copied and distributed without restriction in any way whatsoever.


Its use, in an executable, is subject to prior licensing obtained after acknowledgment of the license.

Its use in test mode (via WDtst.exe) is possible without restrictions or registration.


SoftProtect-AntiDebug is guaranteed by the author free of any virus, "spyware" or advertising.


It contains a semi-automatic update mechanism that can be deactivated by a specific setting.

To be informed about SoftProtect-AntiDebug developments, even if you are not using it in a project, you can subscribe to the NEWSLETTER of the associated blog.


SoftProtect-AntiDebug was tested under Windows XP SP3, Windows 7-32 and 64-bit with Windev® 17 à  22 (01F220052j).

Price list

SoftProtect-AntiDebug, in its latest version, is available as a free download for Windev® 17 and later versions.

The component usage fee is set at  250 € for every application, regardless of the number of licenses of the protected application.

Free maintenance, allowing the download of updates is granted for a period of one year after the initial registration.

An optional support can be bought beyond this period at the cost of 20% of the original license per year.

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Assistance in setting up

We can, if you so wish, do all or part of the integration of the component in your product.
This integration can be made :
- by sending us your entire project,
- through your SCM server, via a connection to your project,
- by taking remote control of your machine with your tools or ours.

Contact us for a quote and we will send you by return a form to customize your component integration.

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